Legnica – Host City

Legnica. The way forward.

Legnica, located in the centre of the Lower Silesia has over 103 thousands citizens, which makes Legnica the third most populated city in the Lower Silesia voivodship. Convenient location in the centre of the region influences on fast and wide-ranging development. Legnica plays important role in economy, culture and science of the region. Rich, complicated history and multicultural tradition make Legnica the second important city of the Lower Silesia region.

Liegnitz, Lignica are former names of the city. The Piast dynasty had ruled the city for over 500 years. Legnica and the region were reigned also by Bohemian Crown, the Habsburgs Dynasty, Kingdom of Prussia and Germany. Legnica witnessed important battles, which could have changed the history of Europe. Invasion of Mongolian army, heading westward, was repulsed in 1241. Thereafter, Frideric’s II Prussian army defeated Austrian army in 1760 and Marshal Blücher’s army stopped Napoleon’s army in 1813. In the modern history, Legnica was base for Red Army. The city is known today as “little Moscow”. One of legends connected with Red Army was filmed by Waldemar Krzystek. The film was awarded in Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Architecture of the city is the best proof of its rich history. A visitor to Legnica can’t miss Piast Castle, Cathedral and Saint Mary Church, which are the greatest examples of prosperity of Legnica in the Middle Ages. Baroque brought magnificent Jesuit’s complex with Saint John Church, Piast’s mausoleum and Knights Academy. Due to number parks and green grounds, founded in XIX. century, Legnica was called the City of Platans and Parks.

The city, as important economic centre, places emphasis on heterogeneous branches of industry. Creation of Legnica Special Economic Zone attracted investors from variety of branches: heavy metals, chemistry, furniture manufacturers, machines, plastics, car parts and food. Proximity of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. and LETIA Technology Park influences growth of Legnica and helps the city to develop modern technologies and supports scientific value of the region. Recent years brought dynamic development of the city and large scale investments, such as West City Ring, new surface of the Square Market and, being currently decorated, Knights Academy baroque complex.
Investments are supported by intellectual potential of young citizens of Legnica. The city is supraregional education centre, where over 10 thousand students graduate every year.

Legnica is famous for interesting artistic and cultural events, schedule of local, national and international events is ample. The most important are: Satyrykon-Legnica, Jewellery Festival, National Choirs Contest “Cantat”, European Colloquiums of Ethnic Minorities “Pod Kyczerą”. Celebration of Saint Mary’s Street name day and Push-Off of Makeshift Boats are major celebratory days for Legnica citizens and incoming guests.

Investing in sports and development of physical culture is one of the priorities in Legnica. A number of multipurpose sports fields and gymnasiums were built in the recent years. The major investment, City Stadium along with its side fields are the event venue for European Outdoor Archery Championships in 2018.

Welcome to Legnica!


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